About T5-6Mods


First and foremost welcome to the new platform for T5/6MODS, When the concept of the Facebook group entered my mind while Modding the van one day, I must admit having a website too was miles from my thoughts yet here we are!

The whole concept of T5/6MODS Facebook and T5-6MODS website grew from my love of customising my own T5, I’ve always been good at building things, and can turn my hand to most projects given the correct inclination and the love of Modding my T5 developed into this. After trying some of the other Facebook T5 groups I realised very quickly that I could produce something a lot more user friendly, and genuinely dedicated to helping you MOD your van.

So what does this site offer that T5/6MODS Facebook can’t? Well hopefully it will be easier to navigate and find the things you need to MOD your van, there are helpful tutorials on how to perform MODS with detailed tools lists and time required, videos and pictures showing you how to install the MODS with help from myself and like minded others.

There is also a dedicated Trusted Traders area where you can follow the links to the Traders webpage from the MODS that you’ve seen and want to purchase the parts for, safe in the knowledge that these Traders are here to support you and guaranteed by me for their reliability, product quality and lack of the dreaded VW scene tax.

There are areas to upload pictures of your vans and MODS to show others your pride and joy and show off your MODDING skills.

Theres a dedicated questions area where users can ask questions of myself and other members with a view to carrying out Modifications, or just questions about VW T5/6 vans in general, hand in hand with this is a dedicated T5/6MODS Email where you lovely folks can contact me along with Traders who wish to join my Team.

And theres so much more! So please navigate your way through the site using the menus and have a look for some inspiration and help with MODDING your van.

Well thats about all from me for now folks I hope you enjoy the site and thank you for your continued support for T5/6MODS.