Auto headlights

Auto headlight switch by VW Parts and Accessories

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 Removal of existing light switch

1. Push the switch in and rotate anti clockwise then clockwise to remove the switch.  This will allow the switch to be removed from the dash housing.

2. Pop of the side panel to allow easier access.

3. Unplug exising loom from the rear of the switch and replace with the new module ensuring the module is stored safely inside the dash and not interferring with any exising wiring.

4. Push the end of the new loom through the switch hole and attach to the new switch.

5. Site the Auto On Sensor. There are various places to site the sensor. By far the best place is by the A Pillar as close to the windscreen as possible. Clean the dash to remove any silicone based product before sticking it down sing the 3M pad.

6. Tidy up the wiring to allow the side panel to be reinstalled. Before doing this, locate the switch and test.

7. If you are fitting in the day time you may find the sensor will pick up light and will not activate the lights. Use a towel or a dark cloth to cover the sensor to trick it into thinking it is dark.

The switch itself is a plug & play unit however it does have some setting that can be changed.

There are two options for the Auto on when unlocking:

1. Main Beam on
2. Side lights on (Golf Mk5/6 & Polo6N only)

The sequence can be programmed through the unit with the ignition on

1. Main Beam on
Auto – Main Beam – Auto. –  You will hear Beep Beep Beep

2. Side lights on
Auto – Side Light – Auto  –  You will hear Beep Beep Beep

We do not recommend using the auto lights if you have fitted HID’s.  Please consult an auto electrician for further advice or to determine fuse size if you decide to fit. 

If you are unsure of how to fit the unit please contact a qualified auto electrician who will be able to fit the unit.

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