Website tutorial No 3 : Members Map

Tutorial No 3: Members Map

Before you do here is a little something to help keep you and your van safe.  When you go to complete step no.7 below do not enter your exact location (i.e. postcode or street name) as this could open you up to the possibility of damage and/or theft of your beloved van.  Please keep your location in the general area where you live so you can’t be targeted.
With this is mind cannot accept any responsability for you or your van in the event that something happens.  If you are not completely 100% happy to be on this map do not follow the instructions below !!!

  1. You must be logged in, if you do not have an account with us you can register here
  2. Once you have registered and/or logged in you will be taken to your dashboard or, if not, hover over the ‘‘ top left and click on ‘Dashboard’
  3. From here click on ‘Placemarks’ in the menu on the left hand side.
  4. Then click on ‘Add new’ at the top of the page.
  5. Enter a title along the top, this can be anything really as it will not be on show.
  6. In the main box please enter your username, or if you feel comfortable enough, enter your name.  (We recommend first names only).  You can also click on the ‘Add Media‘ button just above the main box where you will be able to enter a photo of your van so fellow modders will be able to lookout for you on the roads.  Don’t forget to wave !
  7. Once thats done you can enter your location in the ‘Address bar’. Remember to keep it vague !
  8. Finally click on the blue ‘Publish’ button on the left hand side menu.

You can edit/delete your location on our map whenever you like by logging in and going into the ‘Placemarks’ menu on the left hand side.  You can get there by clicking on the link in the top left of your browser window.

Website tutorial No 2 : How to post

Tutorial No 2 : Posting

These posts are the ones that show up on the main page of the website, just like on Facebook !

To write a post:

  1. Log in here or Register here if you haven’t already ! Then hover over the in the top left corner and click on ‘Dashboard’.
  2. Then click the ‘Posts’ tab on the left hand menu.
  3. Then click the ‘Add New’ sub-tab.
  4. Start filling in the blanks : enter your post title in the upper field, and enter your post body content in the main post editing box below it.
  5. If you require, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post. 
  6. When you are ready, click ‘Publish’ and your post will be published on the main page of the website.  You can also edit / remove your posts if needed.

Fantastic site

Only just registered and logged in. In the space of 5 minutes most of my questions have been answered. Keep up the brilliance

Website tutorial No 1 : How to register

Tutorial No 1 : Registering

Really simple one to start off with, how to register on the website.

  1. Click on the link and follow the instructions to register on the website – Register Here
  2. When you have filled in the information required and pressed ‘Next’ you will receive an email which will contain a link, all you need to do is click on the link to complete registration.
  3. Once step 2 is completed you will then receive another email, this time it will contain a password for you to login with.
  4. You can then login on the following page with your username and password – Login Here

Our Website

Right you lovely people, I have been tasked with getting you lot to start using our website !
It is there to help you all with modding your vans but………………….. the website will only work with your input into it too !

Its really easy and straight forward and if every one of our members done just a little bit on the website it will grow into something even more helpful and informative for us all !!!

I will be prodding you into submission here on in and will be posting up helpful tutorials on how to use all the features of the website.  If you have any questions just give me a shout and I will help you out.

Many thanks and get using the website !