Website tutorial No 4 : Mod tutorials

Tutorial No 4 : Mod tutorial writing

To write your own tutorial on any mods you carry out please follow these simple instructions.

  • Follow this link to enter your ‘Dashboard‘.  Please login if requested to do so.
  • From there click on ‘Pages’ in the left hand menu.
  • Then click on ‘Add new’ at the top of the page.
  • Fill in a title for your tutorial and then enter pictures/videos and instructions along with any relevant information.
  • Remember to include the tools required and time taken to complete.
  • Finally rate your Mod in terms of difficulty (realistically please)
                             Easy – Anyone can do.
                        Moderate – A degree of skill/mechanical understanding required.
                   Difficult – Serious DIY/mechanical skill needed.
              Advanced – Only attempt if your prepared to burn your van if it goes wrong!
         Expert – Phone a friend and get the professionals in to do this one.
  • Once this is all done click on ‘Submit for Review’ on the right hand side. Your tutorial will be sent to us for approval before being added to the tutorial list.

Then all you need to do is sit back and look smug for helping out your fellow modders 🙂