Brake Caliper Mod

Let’s start with the tools:

Bottle jack

Tyre iron

Axle stands


Black and Decker mouse with sanding pads 

Brake cleaner

Wire brush

Tin foil

Halfords Caliper paint 

Fortress black metal paint 

Paint preparation wipes  


Jack the van up one wheel at a time and insert an axle stand rated for the tonnage of your van. Mine are rated 4 tonne. Leave jack in place so you have two supports, just lower it onto the axle stand.

Remove the wheel and put aside for cleaning. You can then start stripping and cleaning the calipers and guards. The older the van the more work you have in store. Use a wire brush and black and Decker mouse to strip away the rust, dirt and paint, blow away the dust with Halfords brake cleaner. Be careful not to inhale the dust, if possible wear a mask.

Take the time with the black and Decker mouse to do all surfaces. Use paint preparation wipes and brake cleaner to prepare the area for painting.


Wrap the areas you don’t want to paint in kitchen foil it moulds easily to shape. I painted the brake shields with Fortress black metal paint the stuff is incredible.



Apply Halfords brake caliper paint directly to the metal no need to undercoat, we’re going to apply multiple layers, it dries quick so do it in light coats. 


Have another mod on the go that you can do between coats 😂 I cleaned my Alloys in the time between.


Front ones are the same process, they are easier to paint, less fiddly but more surface area and usually dirtier.


Build the layers until you get a deep rich colour, I got right under the van round the back of the Calipers on mine and coated them properly.


Once done allow ample drying time for each wheel before carefully refitting without knocking the caliper they need at least 24hrs to harden.

That’s it stand back and admire your handiwork with an ice cold 🍺.