Custom Original T5 Grille Mod

Original T5 Grille Mod

Sandpaper or power sander
Hot air gun to remove badge if required
Sharp small wire side cutters
100mm cable ties
Drill with 3mm drill bit
Sheet of mesh
P40 fibreglass filler
Paint if you require

Difficulty level:  🔧🔧 – Can be done in a day !


1. The standard grille …. chop out the 2 sets of middle bars… a hack saw will easily cut them.

2. With the slats cut out… use a soldering iron to melt the off cuts of plastic into the gaps left from cutting away the slats.. melt it well and fill as much as you can

3. As you can see…. the melted plastic has bridged the gaps left from cutting out previously…. sanding and filling with filler will be next job.

4. Lots of sanding and filling gets to this stage… you need to do this to all of the cut outs.

5. Same process for the side edges of grille

6. Here is the sheet of abs grille mesh …. (search that description on Amazon or ebay) £20ish

7. Mesh has been cut with wire side cutters and cable tied to grille frame.
I drilled 3mm holes in the reverse side of the remaining two slats and used black 100mm cable ties to hold in place… pushing the head of the ties around and out of sight.

8. Grille fitted back on to the van … looks very factory styled… but a lot more up to date looking.

Credits to David Bartuch for the tutorial

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