Drl/flowing indicator mod on T5.1 head lights

Drl/flowing indicator mod

Video of lights in action:


Parts used:

Time :
2hrs approx

Tools needed:
Long extension
10mm long reach socket
T25 torx
T30 torx
Flat head screwdriver
Flexi socket extension for ratchet
Heat gun
Glue gun
Phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Turn wheels to full lock, undo part of inner arches and pull out to get to 2x 10mm bolt either side.

Step 2:  Use long reach socket, extension, flexi extension and ratchet to remove 4x10mm bumper bolts.

Step 3:  Remove grill by taking 4 cross head screws gently pull forward and squeeze tabs at bottom of grill to remove it.

Step 4:  Undo remaining bumper bolts behind grill and lower grill then drop the bumper down and rest it on the floor.

Step 5:  Undo all 4 bolts on each light using t30 torx and unplug.

Step 6:  Heat up light using heat gun where leans and black back meet, then use screw driver to remove holding clips, then use it to prise them apart.

Step 7:  Insert new lights under surround attached to lens by pushing them in( its a tight fit)then use glue gun put a few blobs to hold in place.

Step 8:  Reheat the back half the light adhesive and feed new wire in the top corner above original indicator the push the lens back on a refit little retaining clips.

Step 9:  Strip a section from the brown, red and yellow wires then solder the black to the brown and heat wrap.  Solder the red wire to the new yellow wire and wrap.  Solder the yellow wire to the new red wire and wrap

Step 10:  Now do step 6,7,8 and 9 on the other light.

Step 11:  Now re-fit all components in reverse order to what you removed them from the van.

Good luck

Tutorial curtesy of forum member Alex Deany-deano Dean