Forever Black Doorcards and Dash

Forever Black Door Cards and Dash


Right Modders a quick Tute on how to use Forever Black which is basically a dye designed for plastics, it is available from ebay at a cost of approx £15 and one bottle will coat two door cards. 4 bottles will do two door cards and the complete dash.

Lets start with the tools:

Forever Black cleanser and Dye

Kitchen sponge without green brillo part

Pot to put Forever black in


Fine sandpaper

Black Plasticote spray paint

Clear Gloss or Matt Lacquer



Stage 1.

Clean the door cards with the supplied cleanser, make sure you thorough and get every surface, the plastics absorb all sorts of chemicals, especially if it was previously a builders van. Once you have done this several times, allow to dry.

Stage 2.

Lightly, and I do mean lightly rub down the plastics with a fine sandpaper, if you go to heavy it will show through the dye (trust me) Don’t attempt to remove the texture, it just will not work.

Stage 3.

Use a heat gun to gently heat any scratches or abrasions, this lightly melts the very top layer of plastic and gets rid of most fine marks and abrasions, please don’t hold it in one place to long, it will melt the plastic, this is a trick used by auto repairs experts so it does work.

Stage 4.

Clean the door cards off again with a cloth and allow to dry.

Stage 5.

Gloves on and decant some of the dye into a pot, use the sponge to apply thin layers on both door  cards. 

Apply thin coats allowing adequate drying time between each coat

Slowly building up the layers

Until you have even coverage all over the door

Use the black plasticote spray paint on the speaker areas and any other ares you find difficult. You will require between 6-8 coats for a decent colour and coverage.

Stage 6.

Use a lacquer, either matt or gloss dependant on choice (I chose gloss) to protect the finish, apply in thin coats again until you have even coverage.


Stage 1.

Strip the lower dash out starting at the drivers side and working across, this is the easiest way to do it as the parts overlap each other and can be difficult to remove if you start the other side, remember to stow all the screws in a safe place! 

Stage 2.

Clean all the arts with the supplied cleanser as same as the door cards.

Stage 3.

Lightly rub down the surfaces and prep them for the dye.

Stage 4.

Apply the Forever Black in thin coats allowing adequate drying time between coats.

Stage 5.

Once you have fully blacked the parts, apply the Lacquer in this coats allowing adequate drying time between.

Stage 6.

Reassemble the parts taking care not to scratch them in the process.


The upper dash is down in situ, care must be taken around the windscreen, if you need to tape areas up then do so.

Stage 1.

Use the cleanser as before to clean the dash areas.

Stage 2.

Very very lightly rub it down with fine sandpaper, this area gets a lot of light, if you go to heavy you will see it through the dye.

Stage 3.

Hoover the dust up to get the area clean ready for the dye.

Stage 4.

Start to apply the dye, paying attention to to touch the windscreen or A pillars, or any parts of the dash controls you don’t want to dye!

Continue to build the layers

Apply the layers allowing the adequate drying time in between

Stage 5.

Once you have applied enough layers add the lacquer in layers until the desired finish is achieved.

Thats it your colour change is complete, now you may find the door cards on occasion do get scratched as there such a high contact area, this can’t be helped but rest assured you can touch it up with more Forever Black or a permanent Black marker.

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