Gas Bonnet Strut

Gas Bonnet Strut Install

This is a fun and quick Mod that can make all the difference, we all know how often the bonnet of the T5 is up! Make your life easy with this gas operated piston doing all the work for you. Available for about £23 from ebay.

It is normally supplied with one ball mount so ensure you have one fitted in situ under the bonnet already. Pic 1 shows the Gas Bonnet Strut with both ball mounts fitted. Pic 2 shows you the ball mount itself, the type required is listed below the picture with the OEM part number for ease. Pic 3 shows where the ball mount already fitted should be located, if there is not one there clearly you will need to order one.

Pic 1.

Pic 2.

Width (CM – Packed) 2.7
Height (CM – Packed) 1.5
Depth (CM – Packed) 1.5
OEM Part Number 701827439B

Pic 3.


Ok lets get started this is a short process and only takes a few minutes to install.

Stage 1.

Check the picture below to ensure you are familiar with the parts and where they are inserted into the frame of the bonnet and engine mantle

Stage 2.

Insert the Gas Piston this way up so when the bonnet closes the Gas Piston lubricates itself,  it literally just pops onto the ball mounts.

And thats it, you don’t remove the old manual one that just stays tucked away, enjoy the Gas Bonnet Strut doing all the work.