Steering Wheel upgrade

Let’s start with the tools:

Mirror or phone with camera reversed

flat head screw driver

socket set

M12 spline bolt 


Firstly disconnect battery and allow the airbag circuit to fully discharge for at least 20 mins. Then rotate the wheel 90 degrees to access the airbag release clips at the rear of the steering wheel, use the mirror on the dash to see what your doing. Insert the flat head screw driver into the recess and rotate it, it should release the clips holding the airbag. You will then need to rotate the wheel the other way to do the same to the other clip. The airbag should be lose.



slowly remove the airbag cover and then unclip the airbag loom. Place the cover/airbag out the way.


Straighten the van wheels not the steering wheel as it may not be exactly straight. You can then losen the m12 spline bolt using the socket set ratchet 

You can now remove the wheel and clean the steering wheel Hub behind.


Insert the m12 spline bolt and retension to 50nm then plug the new airbag loom in.


Clip the new airbag into place.


Reattach the battery and then take the van for a test drive ensuring the airbag light comes on and then turns off when you start the ignition ensure you drive somewhere safe to ensure it’s all functioning correctly.

Tools required:

Alternative to M12 spline socket head is this one below