Trusted Traders

Trusted Traders

You wouldn’t be able to Mod your vehicle without links to people willing to supply you with quality assured parts! In line with the approved Traders on our Facebook Group T5-6Mods brings you Trusted Traders here on our website allowing you to link straight to their webpages to purchase their products directly from them, all the time safe in the knowledge that they are approved by us.

I have compiled this list of approved Trusted Traders from my own personal experience of buying from them, to that end I personally vouch for their products and prices, and stake my reputation on top of theirs.

If you wish to be added to our list please Contact Us to be considered.

Aftermarket Parts & Accessories
This section contains traders supplying parts for modifications from lights to wing mirrors, electrics to bumper protectors, nuts and bolts.

  1. Van X – Reza Khalili
  2. VW Part & Accessories – James Wheldon
  3. Travelin-Lite – Elliot Boddy
  4. Dubbitz– Lee Prior
  5. Outdoor Technical – Nick Thompson
  6. Stainless Automotive Fastenings – Peter Kirkham

OEM Parts
Our two main sources for OEM parts at a cheaper price, or hard to get items.

  1. Teds Transporters trims and supplies – Johnjoe Smith
  2. Shadow Customs – Marc Jerrrad

Interior Conversion Products
Sound proofing and self-adhesive stretch carpet for your conversion needs, along with accessories for that camping lifestyle.

  1. Trimporters – Russ Walker
  2. The Sound Deadening Shop – Mike Organ
  3. The Camperco Shop – Mark Stringwell
  4. Infintiy Customs – Matt Thorpe

Upholstery / Interior Furnishings
The forum Upholsterer and interior soft furnishings.

  1. Pammys Auto Upholstery – Pamela Hesselden
  2. Leslie Storr Designs – Leslie Storr

Hydrodipping & Spray Painting
Custom dipping facilities and spray painting for your parts.

  1. UK Spray Finishes Ltd – Darren McParlin

Tuning / Suspension
Remaps, exhausts, suspension, brakes etc.

  1. PP Tuning – Jason Virgil Rix
  2. AR Tuning – Adam Prior
  3. TH Performance – Terry Harbourne
  4. Evan Autopoint – Ron Evans
  5. JPL Automotive – Jon-Paul Lockyer

Our premier audio experts.

  1. Skipton Car Radio – Peter Preston


Cleaning & Aftercare Products
Snowfoam, waxes, interior cleaners and paint protectors.


Vinyl stickers for your van.

  1. Andrew Davidson – Andrew Davidson 

T6 Van Sales
T6 vans cheap with finance, (Only available on our website and via PM NOT FORUM)

  1. Morgan Sherwood Vehicle Hire and Leasing Limited – Nik Morgan