Under dashboard lighting

Under dashboard lighting

You can achieve this lighting very easily, and you can either have it come on when you open the doors…. or alternatively you can have it when you turn on your sidelights.

You will need.

Hole cutter/cone cutter
Twin core wire
Bullet and socket terminals
Butt connectors
Wire strippers and terminal crimping tool
Cable ties
10mm socket and ratchet
T20 Torx head screwdriver

It took me around 60 minutes to complete the job.

Difficulty level 🔧🔧

Light are 12v waterproof marker lights. Available on ebay/amazon/Ali express

1. I chose a small round led light… for ease of fitment.

2. I removed my very lowest under dash panels, and chose a location that would allow the light to be fitted into position without fouling anything that might be above it.. then I drilled a hole with a stepped cone cutter.

3. I then pushed the rubber grommet that came with the light into the hole.

4. Then pushed the LED unit into housing.. it makes a very tight fit, and won’t fall out !!

5. I did this to both panels.

6. I used a feed rod to pull the 2 cables through the dashboard.

7. And brought them through to the passenger side. 

8. I earthed the cable to the bolt behind the nearside dash cover. 

9. I connected the live feed to the lighting circuit on the van.. ( you can choose to link to the door trigger wire behind the n/s a pillar trim… or … the light feed to the stereo)

10. You will need to split the cables to bring a feed to the passenger side trim…. I use blue butt connectors to allow 2 cables to join 1 .. it makes it very neat and very secure…. I have also used red bullet/socket connections to allow the removal of the panels in the future, also wrapped the cables in the cloth tape, making a very neat job of the wiring.

With the panels back into position… very neat and tidy.

this is 2 leds only.

Credits to David Bartuch for the tutorial.


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