Window Wiper Motor Swap

 Lets start with the tools:

Socket set

Flat head screwdriver

Floor wipes for cleaning 


Ensure the engine is off and pop the bonnet, remove the keys you don’t want the wipers functioning on you. You should be able to remove the wiper nut covers with the screwdriver and then undo the nuts with the socket set.



Remove the wipers and place them down carefully being careful not the damage them. Then remove the scuttle panel rubber edge seal.


Gently remove the scuttle panel cover exposing the wiper motor and arms.


Use the socket set to remove these three bolts that retain the system in place. Make sure you put them somewhere safe.


Remove the plug and play loom from the back of the wiper motor.


Lift the motor and assembly out of the scuttle bay. And place down. Perhaps use this opportunity to clean the scuttlebay, check your top mounts and the grommets into the cab. 


Reverse the process inserting the new motor and wiper arm assembly into the same place. Refit everything in reverse order.


Finally test your wipers and ensure they function correctly👍🏻